About NCLEX High Yield

CEO and Founder, Dr. Hoodbhoy, holds a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from Spartan School of Medicine and his ECFMG Certification. He changed his focus to natural health and wellness when his clientele of Celebrities and Athletes grew. Dr. Hoodbhoy fell in love with business, creative aspect of formulating, and treating people with natural remedies.

The creator of Hangover Solved™️ and a Celebrity Health and Wellness Consultant, Dr. Hoodbhoy has done Post-Doctoral certifications from Harvard School of Medicine and Stanford School of Medicine in various Health and Wellness areas.

We use a special, simple technique developed by Dr. Zeeshan that is called “The Method.” It helps students narrow down the answer choices in a methodical manner. Dr. Zeeshan came up with this method to help organize his own thought process and alleviate anxiety when taking his boards. He states “it’s not rocket science, but it works, especially when you are given a topic you don’t know!” 

It’s not just about learning the test-essential topics, which we identify and highlight, but it’s about learning how to take the test. We teach you how to improve as a test taker, and most importantly, learning the content that actually matters. We cut out all the irrelevant information and narrow it down to exactly what you need to know!